PHONE for Google Voice/Talk By MO+

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The TRULY FREE phone calls and texting app! Free calls & text to ANY phone number in US & Canada, or ANY GTalk users around the world, no hidden cost! The only free call & texting app that does not require the callee to install the same app.

Why you should choose Mo+:
- Free. All the services of voice calls and texting are as FREE as you believe!
- Always online. Call, chat and get connected with your GTalk friends, wherever you go.
- High-quality voice calls. The services provided by Mo+ include high-quality voice calls which can enable you to chat with your friends just like face to face.
- Easy to use. Start calling or texting with minimum tap.

More features coming soon… Stay tuned!

Customer Reviews:

A good app but… Well in my opinion, it better than talkatone or any other GV app out there, but the problem is sometimes when you send text to friends, it sends hidden links or hidden signatures attached with you texts but you won’t be aware of it, because it doesn’t show it to you! For example when you send “hey what’s up” your friends receive ” hey what’s up via Mo+ (http// But you wont know it and i don’t like that. I know you want your app to be out there but at least let me be aware of whats going on, not doing things behind my back! I have my buddies asking me what’s this link you’re sending us, and i’m like i don’t know what you’re talking about because in my screen it hides it but when looked at their phones, i saw what they meant. I hope this changes in the next update or so.

Great App - I’ve paid for apps that don’t even close to this. The only down side is that you can’t change the status message for gtalk.

holy cow! - why the heck isn’t this app more widely known??? I suffered and died through talkatone for almost two years and I only just now found this amazingly beautiful app… it’s WAAAYY more user friendly, loads instantly, doesn’t nag with badges you can never get rid of, call quality is excellent… I could go on and on. LOVE! <3